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Paul sonkin value investing club

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Sonkin: Of course. But one person in a large organization can still have a meaningful impact—look at the decisions George Bush made. He was running the largest organization in the world, and one man was able to have a big impact. We went to meet with a company yesterday, and we met with the chairman, the CEO and the head of operations.

The head of operations was operating as a COO. The CEO plays a big role in the sales functions and the operations and the finance side. With smaller companies, you have managers wear a lot of different hats. MOI: Do you look at their compensation very closely? One of the documents we spend a lot of time on is the proxy statement. From this current debacle, there are so many cheap companies.

We have tended to buy more stock in companies that we knew very well. We think we have good companies. MOI: In terms of broader investment perspective, what would you say are some of the mistakes that keep investors from reaching their goals in the stock market? Sonkin: You have to find a style of investing that works. You have to find a style of investing that fits with your personality. MOI: Seth Klarman put it well when he said that he invests from the bottom up but he worries from the top down… Sonkin: Exactly.

What Seth Klarman does is that he is always looking to overlay insurance on the portfolio and is always looking for cheap insurance. He happened to be in a lot of credit default swaps because they were really cheap. Sonkin likes to have a diversified portfolio. At first glance it seems overvalued stock.

The full formula Sonkin used is EBIT multiplied by 1 — tax rate divided by market capitalization plus debt minus cache. This is the first step in analyzing Sonkin per share. Many times insiders will withdraw their money, regular investors will realize that the company is too expensive and the price will crash.

Sonkin likes to examine these failed IPO-minute to see if the current evaluation warrants the investment. Sonkin portfolio is comprised of several different parts. One part he called the basic operations of the portfolio General Portfolio Operations ; it consists of shares which are in the list of recently reached week low, stocks that are cheap compared to the amount of cash they have, and cheap to normalized earnings. Sonkin will buy preferred shares or convertible bonds.

The other half of the portfolio consists of special situations.

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Soo Chuen Tan, what have you learned from building a successful investing firm?

Access to thousands of investment ideas from top investors around the world. Learn More. Share your thoughts. Check your messages and discuss ideas and other things you want to Missing: paul sonkin. Paul D. Sonkin (New York, NY) was a portfolio manager at GAMCO Investors / Gabelli Funds. He is co-Portfolio Manager of the TETON Westwood Mighty Mites Fund, a value fund which . AdGet Answers To Your Online Financial Advisor Questions. Learn More. Learn More By Comparing Robo Advisor Standout has been visited by K+ users in the past monthHands-Off Providers · Active Trading Providers · $0 Acct Minimum Providers.