bogleheads value investing conference
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Bogleheads value investing conference vezina odds

Bogleheads value investing conference

Who knows if the fund managers are right? Even Warren Buffett strays away from technology companies. He only invested in Apple because he views Apple as a Luxury Consumer Products company, not a tech company. Author of numerous corporate finance books and The Deals of Warren Buffett, Glen Arnold shares some of his thoughts with the conference attendees. He notes that Buffett learns as much, if not more from his mistakes as from his successes.

The most important thing is to minimize a fatal error when possible, based on the most recent up-to-date information. However, all we can do is accept error as part of the investment process, and learn and grow from past mistakes. He viewed value investing as an art form, where original and creative minds tend to find more success than conventional investors. He differentiates between the two in five categories: The Evergreen path, presented by Founder of Tugboat Ventures, Dave Whorton, proposed a paradigm many can get behind.

He looks for businesses with high character CEOs and quality managers, not unlike what Warren Buffett does. The business must start with a purpose greater than money. The 7Ps he proposed included: purpose, perseverance, people first, private, profit, paced growth, and pragmatic innovation. The last presentation I want to cover was done by Guy Spier, who tried to find the true source of competitive advantage in an overpriced world.

His ideals resonated with me, as it seems that we both are fascinated by organizational behavior, specifically giving more than we take to create a culture of success. In addition, Morningstar records video interviews with John Bogle, and on occasion, other conference attendees.

News journal columnists and reporters often write articles about the conferences, and impressions and notes are recorded in blog and forum postings. These mementos are preserved in the conference archives below. Please note that links to Morningstar forums are archived to show only the initial post of a given conversation. To see the expanded thread, click the View Complete Thread button at the bottom of the post. Bogle joined twenty forum members for an evening Florida dinner hosted by future author Taylor Larimore and wife at the Larimore's condo residence in Miami.

On March 11, Mr. Bogle delivered his keynote speech at the money show. Photo by Gail Cox.

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Bogleheads® on Investing Podcast Episode 043: Eduardo Repetto on factor investing, host Rick Ferri

Oct 17,  · The most recent Boglehead conference kicked off with an afternoon of “Bogleheads University” as a “pre-conference” event. (I estimate about 90% of attendees . AdHear From Industry Experts on Key Institutional From Industry Experts On Healthcare, Emerging Markets and has been visited by 10K+ users in the past month. This year’s conference will be held at the Hilton Chicago/Oak Brook Hills Resort & Conference Center, in Westmont, Illinois which is about 15 miles from O'Hare International Airport. .